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Our renewable products outperform their petroleum-based counterparts

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At Advonex, we believe in integrity and innovation.

Our platform technology creates cost-effective renewable lubricating base oils, emollients, mineral oils, waxes and fuels that outperform ingredients that traditionally have been produced from petroleum—sustainable business solutions for a more sustainable world.

We don’t just help you reduce your reliance on petroleum, we help you improve your business.

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Advonex International develops and sells sustainable ingredients for lubricants, cosmetics, personal care products and other markets. Produced using a patented process, our ingredients deliver performance that exceeds their petroleum-based counterparts at a cost-competitive price.  Advonex’s platform technology creates cost-effective renewable white oils, base oils, waxes, and petrolatum that outperform ingredients that traditionally have been produced from petroleum. Winner of numerous awards for its sustainability and innovation, the company aims to make the world a better place by helping you improve your business with our science.


Our Science. Your Business. Better World.


Our Science.

The key innovation in this project is Advonex's patented process that efficiently and economically transforms fatty acids into sustainable hydrocarbons.


While the process can be used on any source of oil, fat or grease, when practised on certain feedstock, the resulting Entrada sustainable hydrocarbon has an extremely narrow molecular size distribution.

Your Business.

Our products outperform their petroleum-based counterparts. And they’re better for the environment.

At Advonex, you have a collaborative partner committed to your success. Our science delivers the solutions to improve your business and create a more sustainable world.

Better World.

A key issue that arises with any biologically-sourced chemical is the perceived conflict between growing crops for food vs. fuel/chemicals. Our process makes use of feedstock (soybeans and distiller’s corn oil) that do not conflict
with food growth.

Adhering to Green Chemistry principles, we reduce environmental waste and our operating costs. 


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